Our Approach

“Paradigma Armenia” approaches every client’s business as its own. We believe a consulting firm should be more than an adviser. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, align our incentives with their objectives, and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their business. This builds deep and enjoyable relationships.

The right approach is necessary for the right outcome. “Paradigma Armenia” approaches work by applying its external knowledge to the organization’s internal way of doing work. We know that in order to maximize the potential of success for a company we need to shape our expert advice in a way that applies to the way of doing business. This allows us to create rich relationships with our clients.


Rendering quality accounting services in a timely and accurate manner is a commitment that we feel cannot be compromised.

Tax Consultancy

We provide practical and understandable advice and useful tips always taking into account current legislative developments.

International Taxation

Our professional team of international tax experts will provide you detailed tax advice and will help you to successfully manage your tax liabilities.

Legal Services

Every case is different so we approach each of our clients individually to reach the best result and to solve the problems they encounter.


Researches and analysis can be very importat for implementation of projects, programs, development of organizations, and expansion of activity frames of your company.


We offer flexible, goal-oriented and needs based seminars which are tailored to fit the specific requirements of the participants.

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