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Accounting Services

Paradigma Armenia provides ongoing accounting services, as well as one-time services for specific issues Services are combined and corroborated with contiguous services and expertise: tax issues, social security payments, labor legislation, currency regulation and cash regulation legislation, and parallels with requirements of statistical and specific field regulation reports.

Accounting services include:

    • Accounting services

Accounting services include classification, completion of necessary documentation, reconciliation and analysis of corresponding accounting entries by professional accounting software, preparation of financial, tax, statistical and other reports, as well as preparation of different significant information.

    • Preparation of financial reports

RA Law on “Accounting”, as well as ASRA N1 and IAS N1 (submission of financial reports) define some rules on format, submission deadlines and order of financial reports. Being proficient in cooperation with foreign legal entities our company possesses the peculiarities of financial reports for non-residents (conjoining that with institute of tax declarations).

    • Analysis of turnover sheets and financial reports

Necessity of such services usually arises for a wider frame of stakeholders: shareholders, other investors, parties of joint activity. On demand of shareholders consolidated reports are also prepared. Analytic report is prepared in different languages and differences between diverse accounting systems can be taken into consideration: National Accounting Standard System, International Accounting Standards System, and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

    • Accounting policy and “Chart of Accounts”

Accounting policy is an important document for both developed and developing companies, especially for those expecting external financing, investments, planning participation in major projects. Paradigma Armenia has experience in preparation of such documents for companies operating in the following spheres: construction, transportation, machinery and consulting. Chart of accounts is an essential tool for accounting. For a certain company, medium or large, it is important to use specially worked out Chart of accounts, promoting company’s flexible operation and solution of other related issues, for example managerial accounting, etc. Paradigma Armenia has its own processing in this field.

    • One-time assistance in application of accounting software program

Our company realizes assessment of organization and provision of accounting, making proposals for automatization of accounting processes, including special or standard accounting software program selection, transmission of accounting information to program data storage, checkup of accounting records, training of accounting staff (in the case the software company does not organize such training itself) and drawing of trial financial reports.

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