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Legal Services

Taking into consideration issues arising in labour relations and company’s experience in this field   “Paradigma Armenia” has been rendering services on issues relating application of legal consultancy RA labour legislation, as well as on RA Civil legislation since 2004 both before and after adoption of the new labour legislation of RA.
However, legal services are not confine to labor legislation, on the contrary, the framework of legal services we offer gradually extended including business-related spheres. Thus, the legal services that our company offers are  RA civil, tax (including international taxation), labor, corporate and administrative law application issues related following services  (to introduce the list of tax services click here);

Complete services based on the requirements of the Labor Code and other related legislations:

  • Drawing up contracts, in particular individual and collective labour contracts, contracts of full liability in compliance with the peculiarities of the client’s  activity field
  • Working out other documents -intern rules, worktime schedules, tables and so on according to the requirements of labour legislation
  • Conduction of the internal and individual statutory acts (orders, commands etc.)
  • Conduction of inner regulations
  • Research/ analysis of specific cases
  • General consultancy
    (The consultancies are carried out via analyzing and answering the questions of the customer, which can be one time or permanent consultancy based on the subscription contrast in the way the customer prefers)
  •  One time complex consultancy
    (Complex consultancy is carried out via reviewing customer’s documentation by means of using the “List of Documentation Required for the Provision of labor Law”, developed by our specialists.
  • Compilation of civil contracts, agreements, authorizations (on rendering of services, renting, royalty-free use, donation, franchising, etc.)
  • Compilation and reviewing of different documents and acts (on purchasing, surrender and acceptance etc.), receipts, records etc.
  • Analysis on legislation, including purchase of certain permits, description of state and legal process related to the registration of rights
  • Compilation of corporate documents (constitutional documents, regulations, etc.), state registration of a legal entity, consultancy
  • Compilation of administrative complaints, applications, other writings, analysis of situations and consultancy, protection of interests in case of administrative compliant in all courts

Currently Armenia is going through radical pension reforms which, in our opinion, need to be accompanied by professional consultancy.
Within the framework of pension consultancy, the aim of Company is to inform employers and their employees about the existing pension schemes, assist them to understand the contemporary pension provision approaches, the legal framework regulating the voluntary funded pension pillar in Armenia, promote in decision making by organizing seminars, presentations and discussions, by providing legal guidance, consultancy in performing special calculations and preparing the necessary documentation.
We highlight the importance of employers’ engagement in creating voluntary pension schemes for their employees as part of their corporate social responsibility. By providing different social packages, professional development opportunities and competitive privileges, the employer contributes not only to increasing the productivity of his/her employees but also to their welfare thus providing consultancy services in this sphere as well.

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