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Organization and fulfillment of various seminars, round-tables, conferences,  which are based not only on the demand of modern business to train the staff regularly but also are an exclusive chance for professional dialogues, constitutes indivisible part of activity of Paradigma Armenia Consulting and Research company.
Seminars are organized on following topics:

Tax Լegislation
Eurasian Customs Union and Customs Issues
Labor Legislation
Pension Legislation

Seminars are organized for novices, as well as for professionals on current changes in above-sited legislations.
According to the essence seminars are differentiated as:
1. General (open)  these seminars are organized periodically and concern the changes made in RA labour, tax, pension, customs  and related legislations, that may have essential impact on economic activity of enterprises  (custom, labour relations, currency regulations, other clauses).
2. Special (closed)during these seminars changes and application issues of labour, tax and related legislations are presented with emphasis on certain points according to the legal status/structure or activity field of companies, enterprises.
*Agendas of general seminars are worked out mostly by the company, though participants can make changes in it, while agendas of special seminars are elaborated solely by participants.
Effectiveness of seminars is provided by such factors as actuality of topics, cooperation with professional organizers, involvement of experienced lecturers   including from different government agencies and other consulting companies,  as well as consistency, proficiency, hypothetic demonstration of  practical cases from own experience.
In this field Company has rather wide experience:

  • Numerous corporative seminars for organizations operating in different spheres
  • Joint regular seminars with BSC Business Support Center

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